things that people have said

- July 1 -

“I’m in love. all I want to do is write poems and talk about Marx while drinking coffee out of little cups at street cafes.”

katherine geee
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- April 7 -

“You have a lot of fake cheese in you right now. You’re like a fake ravioli.”

katherine geee (via bananawheels)
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- December 18 -

the crazy salesman: the show starts at 7.
erpat: I thought you said 7:30.
the crazy salesman: you can walk in late.
erpat: like an animal?

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- December 2 -

wildcat: I've been watching Battlestar Galactica for a few months.
vic: you are watching Battlestar Galactica. those words just came out of your mouth.
wildcat: no, I have cried watching Battlestar Galactica.
vic: it just keeps getting worse.

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- December 1 -

wildcat: my thing is I knit, and I watch Battlestar Galactica.
vic: oh god.
wildcat: if you ever look at me and think, "she's pretty cool, I wonder why she's single," that's why.

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“the rest of the time you’re eating rats and shopping for turquoise.”

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- September 16 -

“grilled kale is, like, the bee’s knees.”

the crazy salesman
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“I went into my bedroom at 3:30 with my sandwich.”

katherine geee
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- August 4 -

“it is a shroud of weirdness, like a veil.”

katherine geee
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- December 9 -

“that boy does not know how to wrap a burrito.”

katherine geee
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